tfalls1Are you looking for a good hike in the Bend, Oregon area with views of some fantastic waterfalls? Well if you are grab your CamelBak, other Hydration Pack or Hydro Flask check out some hiking tips, and head out to Tumalo Falls!

Located in the Deschutes National Forest, Tumalo Creek flows into the Deschutes River just north of Bend. Tumalo Falls is a day use area on Tumalo Falls Road, 12 miles west of Bend. To get there follow Franklin Ave. west from downtown Bend through the park to Galveston Road, which then turns into Skyliner Drive (paved). Immediately after crossing Tumalo Creek, turn left onto Road 4603 (gravel). Drive 2.5 miles to the Tumalo Falls parking area. The road is closed in winter. However, you can ski or snowshoe to Tumalo Falls in the winter if you are adventurous, and the views during the winter with the snow and the ice on the falls is beautiful.

If you decide to ski, you can begin at Skyliner Sno-park and proceed to the end of Skyliners Road, then cross the bridge and get onto Road 4603 (the road you would drive up in the summer months), which parallels Tumalo Creek all the way to the falls. It is about a seven mile round-trip to base of waterfall from Skyliner Sno-park.

If you prefer to snowshoe, many drive up to the gate that is closed during the winter and park there. There is room for about five cars in a small parking area, and there is additional parking up the road at times as well. If you park at the gate it is about a five mile round-trip to the base of the waterfall.

However, if you do decide to go up the Tumalo Falls in the winter, please be careful, and check the weather reports before you go so you don’t get stuck up there during a storm

Tumalo Falls Photo Gallery

View photo gallery of Tumalo Falls from May of 2013.

View photo gallery of Tumalo Falls near Bend, Oregon.

There is a picnic area, toilet, and an uphill path to a falls overlook. There are also trailheads for numerous hiking and mountain biking trails in the area. There is a $5 per day use fee, or you’ll need a forest park permit, a Northwest Forest Pass or one of the various forest service passes available to park here. Here is a link to a U.S. Forest Service website that describes some of the various passes available so you can choose the best option for you. Recreation Passes of the Northwest.

It is a short walk (about 1/4 mile) on a maintained trail to the overlook area at the top of the falls. The North Fork Trail starts at the Falls and follows Tumalo Creek deeper into the mountains, and many smaller falls can be seen on the trail in the first couple miles of your hike.

Mountain biking is allowed on the trail, and Tumalo Falls and the North Fork Trail can be busy, especially on weekends during the beautiful summer months, but this is a directional, up only trail for mountain bikers. The North Fork Trail intersects a network of trails a few miles up and allows mountain bikers to return to Tumalo falls via alternate routes. A trail map of the area is recommended if you plan on a loop ride.

As you drive up the gravel road from Skyliner Drive you will see other mountain biking trails as well as places to pull over and view Tumalo Creek.

Tumalo Falls provides great hiking fairly close to town. The “dogs on leash” sign applies only to the parking lot, but you should keep dogs on leashes on until you’re past the viewpoint for the falls (that short stretch is very popular), even then make sure and keep control of your dogs so they don’t bother other hikers or bikers.

Tumalo Falls Video

Video from a trip to Tumalo Falls.

Tumalo Falls Hike

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