In late December of 2017 Riley Ranch Nature Reserve, one of the Bend Park and Recreation District’s newest parks opened to the public. Riley Ranch Nature Reserve is located in north Bend on 184 acres of former private ranch land along the east side of the Deschutes River, and offers you several hiking trails, from easy to more strenuous. Riley Ranch Nature Reserve is also the only Bend park where dogs and bicycles are prohibited, so please keep that in mind if you usually take your dogs with you. Also, when visiting Riley Ranch please follow the speed limit along Glen Vista Road! There are several residences along the road and children may be in or along the road, so please drive safely.

Sound good? Well grab your favorite Hydration Pack or Hydroflask, check out some hiking tips, and hit the trail!

The trails at the Riley Ranch Nature Reserve are for the most part nice, wide, packed gravel ADA accessible trails that almost everyone can enjoy.The trails include the Juniper Loop which is 0.7 mile hike, and the Sage Flats Loop which is about 0.9 miles long. These two loops can be combined into a figure-eight pattern for a 1.6 mile loop, or you can do a loop without doing the figure-eight like I did on my first visit to this new park which was about 1.67 long (see map below).

Riley Ranch Nature Reserve Photo Gallery

View photo gallery of hiking the Riley Ranch Nature Reserve.

Canyon Loop Trail at Riley Ranch Nature Reserve Photo Gallery

View photo gallery of hiking the Canyon Loop Trail at Riley Ranch Nature Reserve.

For those who want to get closer to the Deschutes River you can take Robin’s Run that takes you down into the canyon and connects to the Canyon Loop which is about 1.25 miles in length. The hike down Robin’s Run and the Canyon Loop trail is more difficult and strenuous than the Juniper and Sage Flats loops, and are more traditional hiking trails than the wide packed gravel trails you find in other areas of Riley Ranch Nature Reserve. So keep that in mind if anyone in your group has any kind of a physical limitation. The Canyon Loop Trail even lets you hike all the way to Tumalo State Park from the Riley Ranch trail system if you want. It is approximately 1.5 miles (3 miles round-trip) from the parking lot to the beginning of Tumalo State Park if you don’t travel all the loops.

Trails: Just click a link for more information on each trail.

If you go:

Riley Ranch Nature Reserve

19975 Glen Vista Rd., Bend, Oregon 97701


Sunrise to sunset

Riley Ranch Nature Reserve Video

Riley Ranch Nature Reserve Loop Hike

A map of one of the several loop hikes you can do at Riley Ranch

Sources: Bend Park and Recreation District website.

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